We have an inclusive philosophy and believe passionately in giving every learner the opportunity to succeed in their personal, social, health and academic development.
We aim to provide at the Helix Education Centre a supportive, nurturing and therapeutic environment to enable our pupils to reengage in their academic work and social learning.
Everyone at The Helix works to create an atmosphere in which pupils feel secure and valued and encouraged to progress academically, socially and personally.  We aim to develop in our pupils a sense of moral values, especially respect for others and their property, which will enable them to become responsible and considerate members of any community.
We encourage all our pupils to strive towards achieving their true potential and work to become individuals who value learning with, and from others as a life-long process. Independence of thought and action is encouraged in our pupils, together with application of learning, initiative and perseverance as part of their learning experience.


Is as a Centre of Excellence in enabling all our pupils the opportunity for:

  • Positive Behaviour Change and Self-Management

  • Re-engagement in their education &

  • Support in continuity of their statutory education when not able to attend mainstream school.


Our mission is to:

  • Raise the aspiration and confidence of all our pupils towards setting and achieving personal goals

  • Educate them to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitude to realise their aspirations

  • Enable them to develop personal resilience and perseverance to achieve their goals

  • Enable partnerships of excellence in continuity of education for all pupils & to

  • Ensure no learner is left behind in all our educational activities.

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