Special Educational Needs Provision


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What is The Helix?
The Helix is an alternative provision in Harrow for pupils without a school. The majority of pupils are referred to The Helix as an alternative provision to mainstream school, because the school placement has broken down, this can be for a variety of reasons, although our role can be seen as an intervention, to support the pupils returning to the mainstream, whether mainstream school, college or training and employment.
How do you assess the needs of the pupils?

Referring schools send information about pupils’ academic levels, behaviour and any concerns about SEN. Pupils arrive with parent/carers for an induction interview with the Assistant Head Teacher or Deputy Head Teacher and a Transitional Support Officer. Parents/carers and pupils are encouraged to present concerns about support needs for the curriculum. Pupils are allocated a Key Worker, who will mentor them and be the first link, between home and school. During the induction each pupil’s progression from The Helix is also planned.

After the interview, pupils come to the Helix and take assessments in Literacy, Numeracy and Science, Learning Styles and Strengths and Difficulties.

Teachers will then:

  • Assess your child’s needs
  • Plan the most effective and appropriate intervention
  • Do the intervention
  • Review the impact on your child’s progress towards individual learning outcomes.

Pupil Progress is assessed on a half termly basis and all parents/carers are encouraged to attend target setting days held each term in order to discuss their child’s progress and next steps.

Who is the SENCO?
SENCO: Matt Addington:

How can parents find out about their child’s progress?
Pupils are allocated 1:1 review sessions with their key workers once a week to review their progress against their targets and express concerns about access to the curriculum.

Key workers make regular contact with home to report on pupil’s progress.

Subject teachers make summative half termly assessments of pupil’s learning to monitor their progress.
There is a termly target setting parents/carers consultation day, where subject teachers, Education Support Workers and the SENCo can discuss the pupils’ progress.

The SENCo is available to discuss individual pupils at all times, just call The Helix and he will arrange a meeting.

What curriculum is offered to SEN pupils?
Each pupil’s learning needs will be met first by the highest quality teaching delivered by his/her subject teachers, supported by Educational Support Workers in each class.

Our curriculum is planned carefully and specifically to match each pupils needs and any additional needs.

All pupils are offered the same curriculum and support is provided where it is needed.
It may also be appropriate to adopt different strategies or resources and to adapt outcomes to meet pupil’s learning needs, which may involve taking them out of class for intensive 1:1 support.

Additional specialist advice may be sought eg: Educational Psychologist, Speech and Language Therapist, when appropriate and, when necessary, technology will be used to support learning.

What provision is at The Helix to support the pupils’ learning needs?

1. Small classes (10 pupils per class)

2. ESW in every class

3. Key Worker

Regular specialist support

4. Inclusion Manager (Full-time)

5. Specialist literacy support (1:1 or small groups)

6. Art Therapist

7. Careers, further education and training advice

Specialist support as required

8. Educational Psychology Service

9. The Virtual School (for CLA)


11. Speech, Language and Communication Needs

12. Children’s Sensory Team

13. ASD support

14. Occupational Health

Where can I find the other school policies which relate to my child’s education?

The other relevant policies are to be found on the policies page in the website.

How does The Helix ensure that staff have the appropriate training to provide the best education for my child?
All staff are encouraged to apply for training for both personal professional development and the development of The Helix. Whole school training needs are identified in the School Improvement Plan and individual needs are identified in the appraisal process.

All Staff have received level 2 training in Safeguarding. Staff receive ongoing training in developing teaching and learning good practice and the holistic needs of pupils. Teaching Staff and Educational Support Workers meet on a weekly basis to further develop professional good practice.

Will my child get a broad educational experience at The Helix?

The Helix strives to be inclusive in all areas of the curriculum. All pupils are encouraged to engage with the wider curriculum in afternoon enrichment activities, involving sports and games. All activities are risk assessed and if the activity is safe, all pupils are included.

How will my child be supported with his/her pastoral needs at The Helix?

The well-being and happiness of our learners is essential. All members of staff take this aspect of school life very seriously.

Your child’s Key Worker, Subject Teachers, Educational Support Workers, senior members of staff, therapists and all members of the wider adult school community are available to provide support to match each pupils needs.

Learner and Parent/Carer feedback is encouraged and welcomed.

Who takes responsibility for Looked After Children?
The SENCO is the designated teacher for Looked After Children and responsible for the pastoral work in The Helix Education Centre. All Looked After Children are supported by the Harrow Virtual School.

Contact Details
Harrow Virtual School
020 8736 6645

What other agencies are we linked with?

Please click on the ‘Alternative Provision’ and ‘Our Partners’ tabs to see who we work with.

Who can I ask if I have any other questions about my child at The Helix Education Centre, including complaints?

Any questions or complaints about the special educational provision in the school should in the first instance be addressed to the SENCO, Matt Addington.

If the issue is unresolved contact should then be made with the Deputy Head, who may direct you to the school’s Complaints Policy and procedure.

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