Accessibility Plan

Behaviour & Exclusion Policy

Capability Policy

Charging and Remissions Policy

Children with Health Needs Who Cannot Attend School Policy

CLA Policy

Communications & Information Sharing Protocol 

Continuing Professional Development Policy

Corporate Health & Safety Policy

Data Protection Procedures

Dealing with Allegations Against School Personnel

Early Career Teacher (ECT) Policy

Equalities Policy

First Aid in Schools Policy

Governors’ Allowances Policy

Helix Admission Criteria & Policy

Helix Careers Policy

Keeping Children Safe in Education: Code of Conduct for Safer Practice Policy 

Keeping Children Safe in Education Policy

Premises Management Documents Policy

Preventing Extremism & Radicalisation Policy

Relationship & Sex Education Policy

Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy

School Complaints Policy

SEND Policy

Staff Discipline, Conduct and Grievance Policy

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy

Teachers and Support Staff Pay & Pay Appeals Policy


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