Pastoral Support

Education Support Workers (ESWs) Pastoral Support Offer

The ‘intent’ of our Pastoral Support is to enable our pupils to develop the required Behaviour for Learning for reintegration back to either mainstream school, Further Education or a Special provision. 


The Education Support Workers’ (ESW) role in class is as Group Leaders and to support the teachers in providing differentiated teaching & learning or personalised learning for all pupils at the Helix. Additionally, the ESW’s role is to enable the pupils to access the breadth & depth of the curriculum appropriate to their abilities. And lastly, the ESWs are the first link between classroom and the pupils’ home.



  • Look at pupil’s initial academic and behaviour profiles to gain insight into pupils learning and behavioural needs,
  • Plan the pupils’ journeys through the Helix, using the Education Progression Plan. An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is used to monitor pupil’s progress and targets set by keyworkers for each pupil’s Behaviour for Learning,
  • Support the learning of the pupil by one to one work, work in groups with certain pupils and the class as a whole,
  • Support the planning and delivery of lessons,
  • Support teachers with pupil behaviour management; to address a pupil’s Antecedent, Behaviour and Consequence – using our ‘ABC’ form when a pupil begins to show a pattern of disengagement from their work during lessons or when showing inappropriate behaviour. The ‘ABC’ is used to ascertain the root cause of the behaviour, coupled with on-going monitoring and liaison with the pupil’s keyworker.
  • Logs all behaviour achievements and sanctions on SIMs.
  • Provides a link with parents/carers to inform them of progress, achievements and any cause for concern.

Key Working.

The initial keyworker session is used to reaffirm the Helix expectations (introduced at the pupil’s admission) and initial targets set. Weekly keyworker sessions occur during which the Keyworker’s pro-forma is completed to address any key issues associated with:

  • Attendance and Punctuality,
  • Personal – self management,
  • Social Interaction at the Helix,
  • Behaviour for Learning,
  • Plan interventions to support re-integration, either back to mainstream school or forward to a college, specialist provision, training or employment

We use SIMs to provide data for reports and progress data.

When a pupil is ready to be presented to Managed Move Committee (panel) the pupil’s Keyworker will work along the Transition Support Officer (TSO) to support the pupil to complete his or her personal statement and ensure all required documents are up to date.