The Helix Management Committee

The Governing Body is currently constituted as follows:


Mike Baumring, Chair 

Louise Baxter Vice Chair

Paa-King Maselino, Head Teacher

Councillor Simon Brown, Local Authority Member

Ms Farrah Quintyne, Community Member

Ms Marilyn Raymond, Community Member

Jo Withers, Community Member

Mrs Deena Belle-Woods, Parent Member

Awal Omar, Staff Member

Lucia Perdoni, Clerk

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Management Committee Information 2020/21
MC Sub Committee Members 2018/19
MC Declaration of Interests 2020/21
MC Attendance List 2020/21
MC Attendance List 2019/20
MC Attendance List 2018/19
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MC Attendance List 2016/17
MC Attendance List 2015/16

Current Vacancies

Community Governor (2)

Local Authority Member (1)

Parent Member (1)

Sponsor Member (1)


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