Behaviour for Learning

Primary pupils are set behaviour for learning targets each term.

We use a behaviour system based on positive re-inforcement and praise to raise self-esteem and change negative patterns of behaviour.

All pupils start the day on green. If they choose to display negative behaviours, they are given a verbal warning. If they continue, then they are given a yellow card and finally a red card. Pupil behaviours are recorded on their behaviour log.

If a pupil receives a yellow card then they miss a small amount of their next playtime. Occasionally, a pupil may have an internal exclusion where they will work outside of the classroom.

If a pupil receives a red card then a text or phone call is made home to alert parents/carers. Please note there are certain behaviours e.g. leaving the premises; swearing or physically assaulting staff that will result in an immediate fixed term exclusion.

Pupils are given the chance to make their way back to green by changing their behaviour. If a pupil is on green at the end of breaktime, at the end of lunchtime and at the end of the day, they earn a star for their rewards chart. Any pupil who stays on green for the whole day, receives an extra star. Pupils can also earn a star for every 5 positives they are given during the day.  Positive behaviours are recorded on their achievement log. 

Pupils can earn good news notes if they are on green at the end of the day.

If a pupil earns 25 stars, they get a bronze certificate and a small prize.
If a pupil earns 50 stars, they get a silver certificate and a £5 voucher.
If a pupil earns 100 stars, they get a gold certificate and a special treat.


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