All pupils are expected to attend between 9am and 2pm.

Pupils in Key Stages 3 and 4 follow a reduced National Curriculum with a strong focus on English, Maths and Science. Other subjects taught include ICT, Citizenship, PSHE, RE, Food Studies and PE.

We offer a range of afternoon enrichment activities which are designed to encourage group participation, confidence building, collaborative working, team building and social skills.

Daily Timetable

08.30-09.00: Breakfast Club
09.00-09.45: Lesson 1
09.45-10.30: Lesson 2
10.30-10.45: Break
10.45-11.30: Lesson 3
11.30-12.15: Lesson 4
12.15-12.45: Lunch
12.45-13.05: Tutor Groups

13.05-14.00: Lesson 5/Enrichment Activities

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